Is it time for a Checkup of your

Practice Health?

Can we help Diagnose your

Practice Issues?

Why we want to do this?

Medical Billing Audit is an organized process that examines and evaluates the effectiveness and reliability of your RCM process.

This process thoroughly checks all health records maintained by the practice and reviews medical billing data submitted to the payers to ensure that the practice RCM flaws are revealed.

As aspects of billing affect the bottom line, so highlighting potential issues is essential.

Cost you say?

We do this FREE of charge, because we care for our providers that much, we consider this a report for you even before we partner.

We want to begin our journey with your confidence on us and build upon that by fixing your current RCM issues.

But after receiving the Audit Report, if you feel that you still want your current billing to keep providing the services they are offering, you are free to do that.

Why do you need it?

Medical billing issues are costing you money. Period.

As a healthcare provider, you know the high cost of care and the competitive nature of the market. You can’t afford to lose an extra penny — especially due to a RCM related problems that could easily be avoided.

Sad thing is, you may not even realize how much your current medical billing system could be costing you.

Some studies put the error rate for medical bills at a conservative 30 to 40 percent, with others put it closer to 80 or 90 percent, says The Huffington Post. Another study shows that medical billing errors cost about $20 billion, a number that is on the rise.

Does it make sense to have an Audit of your Billing process?

To protect your business and bottom line, it’s wise to examine your billing for the past couple of years, especialy if your Clean Claim rate is lower than 90%.

What’s the total cost of your errors?

How could they have been avoided?

Remember, you’re in the healthcare business, caring for your patients takes most of your focus, Billing doesn’t need to do the same, let us do that for you, starting by diagnosing the RCM issues.

With a thorough Audit, you’ll save your business’ budget and reputation.

Are Billing issues REAL?

A conservative estimate on medical billing errors is $17 billion, according to a report from the Institute of Medicine.

“Are you sharing your part of that $17 billion with the patients and insurance companies?”

We want to make sure you are not part of this statistic!