Are you concerned about you Medical Coding Quality, Repetitive queries and Productivity issues effecting your practice’s reimbursement process?

We can help improve your Practice’s Reimbursement Process through our highly trained and experienced team of Medical Codering experts. Our team of experts stay on top of the changing rules and regulations in Coding Compliance of the healthcare industry. Our team of experts will ensure the best coding outcomes follwing the HAAD adjudication rules and Standard HAAD coding manual. Our Quality team and well-defined workflow offers proper coding application for diagnosis and procedures.

What makes us special?

Our specialized teams function collaboratively to ensure you maximize your Revenue. We understand providers experience challenges in staying abreast of ongoing payer requirements, including Coding, Billing and OIG/CMS Guidelines. Our Billing and Coding teams actively participate in AAPC Forums.

How will our team effect your process?

  • Correct Coding will improve your reimbursement.
  • Keep your Practice away from CMS’s audit
    • Meeting CMS’s Clinical Documentation and Coding guidelines.
    • Avoiding Over Coding and over Billing.
  • Avoiding Denials.